Lili Reinhart Spills Major Deets on Riverdale‘s Mysterious Season 3 Crisis

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The people of Riverdale have gone through so much these past couple of seasons, but the winds of change are a’comin and things are about to get rough. According to Lili Reinhart, the little town of Riverdale will be going through some SERIOUSLY MAJOR ish in season three. How so? Well, this time it’s less about serial killers and wild mysteries and more about some sort of “crisis” that’ll be taking over the entire town.

As you all know, Riverdale is set to return to our screens eight days from now — on October 10th specifically – and the Riverdale star gave us all a little hint on what’s to come in season 3. While chatting with Who What Wear, Lili opened up about this so-called “town-side crisis” that’s coming to Riverdale. “There is another mystery, but the mystery this season is different from the others, because it’s not a whodunit situation,” Lili explained. “It’s more of a town-side crisis, rather than a serial killer or murderer.”

Honestly, that could mean a LOT of things, but we’ll just all have to wait and find out what kind of pending troubles will make its way to Riverdale. The 22-year-old also went on to reveal that fans will definitely get to see more of the cast members acting together as opposed to season two when every character essentially went on their own solo journeys.

“I’m very excited about this season,” Lili said. “Because I think it’s also going to give the opportunity for the kids to be together more, which wasn’t happening a lot in season two.”

Aside from opening up about what fans can expect from season three, the budding star also talked about the cast’s tight-knit bond and compared their friendship to that of the Friends cast. “It’s kind of like the cast of Friends, they did that together. I think that’s a bond that [the Riverdale] cast has created as well, and you just don’t let go of,” Lili said of the friendships she made on set. “I’ve made friends in this show that I will have hopefully until the day I die.”

We hope the same, Lili. We hope the same.