Stop Everything — Cole Sprouse May’ve Called Lili Reinhart the Love of His Life

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Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are known for giving each other some love on social media, but this is a whole new level. Cole took to Instagram yesterday to share the cover photo he shot of Sam Smith for L’uomo Vogue, but it was his caption that caught the attention of Riverdale fans, because he mysteriously thanked “the love of his life” on the post:

Sprousehart stans immediately went on a tagging spree, tagging Lili in the picture as the supposed target of Cole’s affection. And, just in case this whole thing couldn’t get any more obvious, Lili commented on the post with a red heart emoji. Unfortunately, that’s probably as close to a “confirmation” that we’re ever going to get out of them, but we’ll take what we can get.

Despite months of speculation that the pair are dating, neither have outright confirmed or denied the potential romance… yet. Cole previously addressed the dating rumors in the vaguest way ever, explaining, “Since the show began, people have wanted Lili and I to be together. Truthfully, it’s very pleasing that people talk about Lili and I in that way because it means that we’re resonating so strongly that people really want that to be true.”

Cole and Lili shouldn’t be too surprised about all the attention on their IRL relationship status, because Riverdale‘s ratings on this week’s Season 2 premiere DOUBLED from the previous season. Some are crediting Netflix for the bump in ratings, because having all of Season 1 on the streaming service allowed new fans to catch up before the new season. So whether you’re an OG Riverdale fan, or you’ve just been introduced to this amazing show (and all the glorious potential ships that come with it), you are officially a part of a diehard fanbase that is only going to get bigger (and more obsessed with shipping the actors on it as they continue to steal our hearts on screen). #SorryNotSorryButAlsoSorry