16 Raunchy Tweets Riverdale Fans Actually Sent Lili Reinhart

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Ever stumbled upon the dirty tweets sent to Camila Mendes, KJ Apa, or Cole Sprouse? Then you know that Riverdale fans aren’t as innocent as they look. In fact, some of the stuff they say on Twitter seems more fitting for Fifty Shades of Grey stars than actors on a CW show.

So it goes without saying that Lili Reinhart would have her fair share of nasty notifications. Although her followers are mostly interested in fangirling over every Bughead scene on season two and asking whether or not she’s dating her co-star, others reach out to her for… well, different matters. It’s hard to believe someone would say these things in private, let alone publicly on Twitter where the entire world can see.

But lucky (or unlucky) for you, Riverdale fans have no filter, so we were able to round up all of the NSFW pick-up lines that were sent the blonde’s way. But if you care more about what a certain Sprouse twin thinks of the 21-year-old actress than what her most outspoken fans want to do to her, Cole talks about kissing her here. You’re welcome.

1. Starts pretty tame…

2. …but then this happens.

3. Come again??

4. Probs not.

5. Wow, what an original line.

6. LOL.

7. No thank you!

8. Is that an invitation?

9. Wow.

10. No. Just no.

11. Um…

12. Dead.

13. No beating around the bush here.

14. Looks like Cole agrees.

15. Abrupt.

16. Oh boy.