What it’s Like for Lili Reinhart to Film ~Intimate~ Scenes with Cole Sprouse

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Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) have some serious chemistry on The CW’s Riverdale, which many people think is because the actors are also dating IRL. Whatever the case between LC and CS, they’re definitely very comfortable around each other, which is probably why their ~love scenes~ seem so flawless.

But even though on-screen intimacy appears sexy, it’s often way more awkward than you’d think. In fact, many actors absolutely HATE filming sex scenes, even though you’d never noticed based on their performance. When it comes to Lili, however, she’s kind of indifferent.

“I feel like it’s very comfortable at this point,” she said about getting it on with Cole when the cameras are rolling. “I mean, it’s The CW; you’re not going to get too crazy. It’s just like kissing and hugging…”

But while she wouldn’t call Bughead’s romance too steamy, she DID say that Veronica and Archie’s shower scene from the season 2 premiere episode was “definitely pretty spicy.” Agreed!

The blonde continued, “But it’s easy, we’re all friends. It would be more nerve-racking if you had to make out with someone that you didn’t know. So, if by chance we do end up having to kiss each other, it’s fine and it doesn’t feel weird.”

It’s a good thing that the 21-year-old is close to the 25-year-old, because Betty and Jughead’s relationship is just heating up. Sure, Juggie was sent to a different school this year, but Lili says absence makes the heart grow fonder and “when they do get to see each other, it is really romantic and passionate.”

The future of Bughead being describes as “Romantic” and “passionate??” We are TOTALLY here for that.

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