Lili Reinhart Professes Her Love for Boyfriend Cole Sprouse on His Birthday

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Lili Reinhart usually keeps her mouth shut when it comes to her real-life relationship with Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse, but she decided to throw caution to the wind for his 26th birthday on August 4.

The 21-year-old paid tribute to the Disney Channel alum with a never-before-seen photo and a sweet note about their relationship.

“It seems as if the world would still be a stranger to me, if not for you,” she captioned the picture. “I’m so thankful that our paths intertwined to form this beautiful adventure~ Happy birthday, my love.”

But Lili isn’t the only one who stepped out of her comfort zone in honor of Cole’s birthday. The 26-year-old is typically very private, especially on social media, but decided this year he’s going to let fans in on more of his personal life on Insta.

He explained, “I’ve decided to start uploading some of my more personal photographs on this Instagram. If you’ve ever spent a bit of time with me, you’ll know I take my privacy quite seriously, much of that paranoia influenced by my youth. I understand social media will always carry a bit of a curated superficiality, but I have so many sentimental photos that, like a collector, I’ve kept in the original packaging for far too long. I’m hoping some of the photos I’ll be posting from here on out will feel a bit more…honest, as they do to me. Naturally, I’ll still be weaving my commercial and editorial work within this account, but why don’t we break it up a little? Keep up~”

He then proceeded to upload a bunch of stunning pictures, some of which feature Lili and Riverdale star KJ Apa.


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Thanks for the love guys, heres to playing 17 until I’m 40.

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New (birth)year, new Sprousehart!