Riverdale Actress is Not the Only One Suffering from Mental Illness in Her Fam

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Betty Cooper is the girl next door, both in Archie Comics and on Riverdale. “She literally lives next to Archie,” Lili Reinhart said to WWD in January. “And she’s the blonde all-American girl, she’s so sweet and forgiving, gives people the benefit of the doubt and second chances, wears her heart on her sleeve.” There’s a twist, though, to the CW version of the beloved character — one that resonates quite well with the 20-year-old who portrays her every week on television.

“She’s also incredibly broken on the inside, for many different reasons,” Lili explained. “For one thing, she suffers from mental health issues, and that’s something that I resonate with — I struggle with depression and anxiety, and I’m very open about that. So I can very much relate to Betty in that way, and that there’s a vulnerability inside.”

And the blonde beauty’s keeping true to her word about being open about her struggles, as she recently spoke to Glamour about the topic. “School was a big source of anxiety for me,” she recalled. “I hated school. I have social anxiety, and it developed when I was a kid. I had trouble going to birthday parties. It was always there. I begged my mom to let me be home-schooled at one point for a semester because I was so miserable at school.”

Sadly, it’s not only a burden on her. “I wasn’t being bullied — there was no particular reason — but depression runs in my family. That’s something that can be hard to come to terms with.”

“There wasn’t a particular reason why I was feeling this way, but you don’t need a reason — it’s depression,” Lili stated right after. “It’s a chemical in your brain that can be helped with medication, so that’s what I did. I didn’t really need someone’s approval to be like, ‘Okay, it makes sense why you’re unhappy.’ You don’t need validation from someone like that. You don’t need validation to feel like it’s okay to be sad. As long as you try to figure it out and solve it to make things better, that’s all that matters.”
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