Lil Tay Deletes All Instagrams After Controversial Smoking Video Leaks

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If you’ve been wondering why you haven’t seen Lil Tay‘s rants on Instagram or YouTube lately, it’s not because there’s a glitch in the system. All of the posts from the controversial 9-year-old’s page are completely gone, but no, it’s not the workings of a hacker. A spokesperson for Tay’s family says all the posts were deleted on purpose because of an upcoming “rebranding.”

“I am rebranding Lil Tay…stay tuned,” Diomi Cordero tells Buzzfeed.

The clean sweep of the child’s social media accounts comes several weeks after a video showing her allegedly smoking hookah leaked. Her brother, Jason Tian, who has apparently been coaching Tay to appear more vulgar and offensive than she actually is, confirmed that it is, in fact, the child who’s in the vid.

“Lol my sister be smoking hookah at 9 lmao, ya’ll are p*ssy ass n***as,” he tweeted.

lil tay deletes instagrams

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The 16-year-old confirmed the decision to rebrand earlier this week by tweeting, “Don’t worry! Me and my sister are going to change up our whole image for the better! We boutta come back stronger then [sic] ever.”

A whole new era of Lil Tay… greeaaaat.