Lil Tay Posts the Most Ominous Note After Deleting Her Instagram

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By now, you’re probably aware of Lil Tay and her problematic ways. After a controversial video of her smoking was released, the 9-year-old deleted the content off of her Instagram in early June. Then, a few weeks later, her social-media hiatus was broken with a post in honor of the death of XXXTentacion. Fans thought all was okay once again with Lil Tay… up until last night.

Once again, all the content was deleted off of Lil Tay’s Instagram account in the past 24 hours. But unlike the first time this happened, where fans had no idea why she’d left the app until a family spokesperson addressed the issue, Lil Tay left a mysterious note on her Instagram Stories.

The post is of a black screen that simply says the words “Help me.” Many were confused by the post, unsure if it meant she was in dire danger or not. There’s still no word on what exactly the IG story means, but fans across the Internet are v concerned:

WTF is going on?!?!