Teen Rapper Lil Pump Arrested After Shooting a Gun Inside of His Home

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If you look at the Trending Topics on Twitter right now, chances are that #GunReformNow is one of the top hashtags. After the deadly attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida by one person with a gun on February 14 — which left 17 people dead — everyone, including some of the most popular celebrities, has something to say. Many are calling for gun control, while others are still crying, “Second Amendment! Second Amendment!”

Whatever you may feel about the debate, no one can argue that guns, in the hands of the wrong people, are not dangerous. If you need more proof of that, take a look at Lil Pump.

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The 17-year-old rapper, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, was arrested on Wednesday night — the same day as the Valentine’s Day mass shooting in Florida — for allegedly shooting at an inhabited dwelling: his own house.

According to the “Gucci Gang” crooner’s manager, the musician claimed that three men attempted to get in through the front door of his San Fernando Valley, California home and allegedly fired a gun once through the door. The problem: Law enforcement believes that the trajectory of the bullet hole shows that the bullet came from inside the apartment.

Upon search, police found a handgun in the bushes below the balcony of the establishment and found the ammo for the weapon inside, further proving that there are holes in his story.

Pump was soon held in juvenile detention, but, according to The Blast, he’s already out on home arrest and forced to wear an ankle bracelet. (Yeah, that’ll teach him — sending him home… where he committed the original crime.)

To add fuel to the fire, LP’s mom is reportedly under investigation for endangering a minor and having an unsecured gun at home. There was also marijuana spotted at the scene of the crime and she wasn’t home, so this does not bode well for her.