Bella Thorne in Disbelief After Ex Lil Peep Dies of Suspected Overdose

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Add one more to the list of celebrities who died in 2017; rapper Lil Peep shockingly passed away.

According to The Guardian, the 21-year-old musician, whose real name’s Gustav Åhr, was taken to the hospital following a suspected overdose. Music manager Adam Grandmaison confirmed the news to the publication, as well as manager Chase Ortega, who tweeted, “I’ve been expecting this call for a year. Mother f*ck.”

Eerily, 24 hours prior, the star shared a picture of himself in front of a neon sign that read, ‘Cry baby’ — the title of one of his songs — along with the caption, “When I die You’ll love me.”

Tacking on to that, in a video Peep posted online mere hours before his untimely death, he admitted to taking prescription drugs (among other things), saying, “El Paso. I took six Xanax and I was lit. I’m good, I’m not sick. I’mma see y’all tonight.” He was on tour when he died; the tour scheduled to wrap up in two days. Let that sink in: Two. Days.

Upon learning the news, former fling Bella Thorne tweeted her disbelief. “F*ck I don’t know what to say,” she began. “Peep you deserved more out of life. Life didn’t do your greatness justice.”

His girlfriend, Arzaylea, responded to the news in the most heartbreaking way, retweeting a note he posted on October 23 that said, “I miss my girl.”

Her own posts about the news were only more devastating:

Some members of the rap community, including Diplo & Post Malone, echoed Bella & Arzaylea’s sentiments:

May he rest in the sweetest peace.