10 Lies You Actually Should Tell to Your Best Friend

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Everyone with a best friend knows that imagining life without a bestie is terrifying AF. What would you do without your partner in crime? Your ride or die? The peanut butter to your jelly? Your life without them would have a lot less joy, less laughter, fewer chick flick binges, late-night fast food runs, sleepovers, and inside jokes. You would so anything for your bestie right? Sometimes, “everything” even includes lying to them… and whether those lies are necessary or not remains to be determined.

There are some things you should absolutely never lie to your best friend about. For example, I know you don’t want to be the person to tell your bestie that her BF sucks, but if her BF is abusing her, then you have to say it. But just like there are lies that need to be avoided in order to be a true friend, there are also lies that need to be told. Yes, I’m saying that there are some lies you should be telling your best friend. The world isn’t black and white, and sometimes a small lie is worth it to save someone’s feelings. Why start a fight with your BFF if you could avoid it? Here are 10 lies you actually should tell your best friend:

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