7 Insane Lies the Beauty Industry is Telling You

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It’s no secret that most cosmetic companies rely on a combination of hope and blatant exploitation of other women’s insecurities to sell their products. Charles Revson, the creator of Revlon, once famously said, “In the factory, we make cosmetics. In the store, we sell hope,” which is an idea that still holds true if you consider that one of the most popular moisturizing creams today is literally called Hope in a Jar. At the same time, makeup and skincare brands advertise their products with a carefully-constructed image — relying on models, great lighting and, of course, PhotoShop — that can never be achieved, even when one does use the product being advertised. Take, for example, this video from Cracked that’s been making the rounds this week, that perfectly pinpoints the weird conflation of hopefulness and self-doubt:

Yikes. Obviously, most cosmetics companies aren’t quite *that* malevolent (well, hopefully). It does make one inclined to consider, however, how liberally the concept of “hope” is being applied to claims made in the makeup and beauty industry as opposed to, you know, actual facts and scientific pieces of information. As it turns out, there’s quite a bit. Check out these weird lies that the beauty industry is telling you:

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