The Theory Behind Liam Payne & Sophia Smith’s Breakup Makes A Lot of Sense

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Another one bites the dust. The last remaining couple in the world of One Direction is no more. Yes, you read that right; Liam Payne and Sophia Smith have apparently called it quits after dating for two years. What’s that noise? Oh, it’s just the sound of millions of hearts shattering…

A source close to the 1D guy told The Daily Mail that the pair has, in fact, broken up.

“Liam is incredibly sad, but is going to keep busy,” the source continued. “He really hopes that everybody will respect both his and Sophia’s privacy and stop speculating.”

The news of Sophiam’s alleged split comes just days after One Direction was forced to cancel a concert for the first time ever because Liam was “very, very ill.” Is it just a coincidence that the 22 year old’s sickness happened right around the time the couple decided to end things? It’s quite possible! Some fans, on the other hand, think the two are directly related.

Liam and Sophia first started dating back in 2013, but have known each other since attending school together when they were young. While neither parties have confirmed or denied the breakup rumors, the British cutie sent out an ominous tweet a few days ago that had fans wondering if they missed a big message.

So, what do you think?? Is Sophiam dunzo or is this just another one of those rumors they’ve dealt with before? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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