Now That 1D’s Over, Liam Payne Clearly DGAF About Doing Illegal Drugs in Public

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When a video of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking marijuana leaked in May 2014, it was a huge deal. At the time, One Direction had barely dealt with any serious scandals (oh, how the mighty have fallen…), and it was truly shocking for fans to see the boys behaving so inappropriately. But now that 1D’s on a break, it seems that at least one of the guys has thrown caution to the wind and DGAF that he was caught on camera with smoke coming out of his mouth.

Liam Payne, who actually apologized for his bandmates’ actions two years ago, was seen on Juicy J’s SnapChat blowing some suspicious smoke out of his mouth. The rapper, who the 22 year old has been working with on his solo music, is known for his affinity to cannabis and posted a picture of his stash of illegal goods just hours before.

We know what you might be thinking: what if the smoke coming out of Liam’s mouth was simply from a cigarette? Well, besides the fact that Juicy J also has a song called “Smoke Dat Weed,” the singer revealed that giving up cigarettes was his New Year’s Resolution.

“I’m going to try and give up smoking, which is hard, but I do want to,” he told People at the beginning of December.

Unlike last time when Directioners chastised Zayn and Louis for lighting up a joint, it seems that they’re much more lenient with Liam.

Talk about double standards!

Here’s what else Liam Payne’s been up to during the One Direction break:

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