Liam Payne Remembers One Direction with Heartwarming #TBT

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Die-hard Directioners aren’t the only ones who miss One Direction being together. In fact, Liam Payne shared a picture of the beloved boyband for a Throwback Thursday post and all the Directioners in the world cried.

What a week it has been. First, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik confirmed their breakup that left fans wondering why, and then, just days before everyone recovered from the heartbreaking announcement, Liam shared a #TBT photo that hit every single Directioner with all the feels.

As the “Strip That Down” singer is getting ready for his trip to Japan, he decided to share a photo of the last time he was in the country. Prepare yourselves for this, because the last time Liam was in Japan was when 1D — yes, the OG group that includes Zayn — traveled there to promote their film, This Is Us:

Liam shared the photo to all of his social accounts and captioned it, “This time next week I’ll be on my way to Japan! I’ve got some amazing memories from Japan, can’t wait to be back! #TBT.” And just like that, the waterworks began to flow from a bunch of Directioners.

While it’s safe to say that Liam is super excited about his trip to Japan, The Sun is reporting that during his travels, Liam will be missing a big milestone in his baby boy’s life: Bear‘s first birthday. Since Bear’s birthday is March 22nd — the same day as the 24-year-old’s departure for Japan — it doesn’t seem like Liam will be able to spend a lot of time with his son before jetting off to another country.

But who knows? Maybe Cheryl and Bear will join Liam on his trip. Only time will tell…