Well, That Was Fast! Liam Payne Already has a Brand-New Love in His Life

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Just over a week after Liam Payne and longtime girlfriend Sophia Smith decided to call it quits, the One Direction singer has a new significant other in his life. Well, a furry S.O., that is.

The 22 year old showed off his brand-new “love,” a giant black dog, on Instagram yesterday.

Love my puppy

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While Payno hasn’t given fans many details about his new pooch, Directioners are assuming that the “little monster” is a Great Dane, explaining it’s massive size.

Little monster

A photo posted by Liam Payne (@fakeliampayne) on

That face! Those eyes! We’re DY-ING over here. What’s it’s name?! Is it a boy or a girl?! Is it really a Great Dane?! COME THE EFF ON, Liam — give us something!

Moving on…While Liam’s unnamed puppy is new, this isn’t the first dog he has gotten at a big moment in his life. Back in 2013, the “Perfect” singer and his then-girlfriend Danielle Peazer introduced the world to Loki, the little Husky that they added to their family. Since their (final) split in October of that same year, we haven’t heard much on the Loki-front. Last we heard, Liam’s sister was taking care of the furry friend while Danielle was left yearning to see her baby.

Breakups sometimes cause us to make hasty decisions, but we have a feeling that a pet is just what Liam needs to help heal his heart.

Liam Payne opens up about his split with Sophia Smith:

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