Liam Payne Revisits One Direction Days, Sings “Best Song Ever” w/ James Corden

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When it comes to Liam Payne‘s music career, he pretty much had the best of both worlds. The singer started off in this generation’s biggest boy band — One Direction, in case anyone has forgotten — and now he’s kicking butt as a solo artist. Nevertheless, he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

During The Late Late Show, the 24-year-old challenged James Corden to a Boy Bands vs. Solo Artists riff-off — all while being backed by the ever-so-talented Filharmonics.

But before the studio started heating up with incredible vocals, things kinda-sorta got weird when James and Liam got all up in each other’s grills and went nose-to-nose. Literally. Anyway, after all the weird stuff went down, the show’s host kicked off the riff-off with a classic by singing *NSYNC‘s “Tearing Up My Heart,” while Liam hit him back with George Michael‘s song, “Faith.”

James went on to sing Hanson‘s “MMMBop,” to which Liam fired back with Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape Of You.” Everything was going pretty well until The Late Late Show host got hostile and teased the 24-year-old about not singing any solo hits of his own. Obviously Liam started to sing his solo hit, “Strip That Down,” which led to the two coming to the conclusion that both boy bands and solo artists are pretty cool. And as an act of coming together, both Liam and James joined hands and sang “Best Song Ever” together.

Isn’t it funny how things come full circle? James helped write/come up with the idea for 1D’s “Best Song Ever” music video, and now he’s singing the song with a member of 1D. Sigh, they just grow up so fast!