Liam Payne Embarrasses Cheryl LIVE on the Radio in a New Interview

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Liam Payne called into BBC Radio One‘s Breakfast Show this morning for an interview to promote his latest single, “Familial”, and right off the bat he embarrassed his partner, Cheryl. After the show’s host asked Liam to ask Cherylk about how many people are in her entourage, Liam did not hesitate to announce that Cheryl was in the bathroom at the time of the call.

As you can hear in the call, after announcing that “she’s coming out now”, Liam asks Cheryl, “First of all, was it a number one or number two?”, which is already embarrassing enough when you AREN’T being broadcast over the radio to millions of people! Liam later commented that Cheryl’s definitely going to kill him for that one, and all we can say to that is: Run, Liam, RUN!

Of course, we’re hoping that Cheryl goes easy on Bear’s dad, because we need him to stick around for the EPIC One Direction reunion concert we’ve all been waiting for. In another interview with #legend magazine, Liam described what his perfect 1D reunion concert would entail, and it’s nothing short of iconic. He revealed his vision to the mag, explaining, “The only way we could get any bigger is throw one massive concert where it’s basically all of us versus each other, but we’re still in a band. So if we all went like, ‘Hang on a minute boys, just going to throw this in’ and bang, on comes [Niall Horan‘s] ‘Slow Hands’ and we’re all just popping along — that would be the most fun sh*t ever.”

We couldn’t agree more, so please just make it happen already so that all of our 1D reunion dreams can come true!!