Never Mess With Liam Payne’s Girlfriend, Or You’ll Be Sorry

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Liam Payne is known for saying things on Twitter that he has to apologize for later, but when it comes to his long-time girlfriend Sophia Smith, there’s definitely no apologizing!

Over the weekend, a hater sent Liam a series of Twitter direct messages slamming his beau, which left him no choice but to respond to the harsh words. WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS VULGAR LANGUAGE:

In addition to sending the private DMs, the 21-year-old singer also tweeted messages to his 18 million followers.

When Directioners got wind of what was going on, many rushed to Sophiam’s defense by using the hashtag #WeAllRespectLiamandSophia

So, moral of the story: never mess with someone Liam loves. Like, EVER!

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