Liam Payne Causes Multiple “Heart Attacks” with Balcony Stunt

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Captain Payngerous is at is again, guys. The formerly cautious Liam Payne has been up to his now-usual antics, and it's causing major concern among the One Direction fandom.

After Zayn Malik's 21st birthday party this past weekend, Daddy Directioner — Liam, for those not in the know — was caught on camera standing on a ledge outside of an apartment building. A picture from the event then made its way onto the Internet, thus igniting multiple "heart attacks"…

As of this moment, Liam's yet to comment on the matter, and we don't think he will. Honestly, the edge is surrounded, so unless he purposely puts his legs over the glass wall, there's nothing to worry about. But that's just our opinion anyway — tell us what you think of the matter below!

ICYMI, here's One Direction on SNL:

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