10 Reasons Why Liam Hemsworth & Nina Dobrev Would Make a Great Couple

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For all of those Nian shippers that thought Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were getting back together, we have some news that might sting a little bit. Over the weekend, the Vampire Diaries star and Liam Hemsworth were spotted hanging out at an Atlanta bar. (!) There's also picture proof if you don't believe it.

And even though they were JUST spotted hanging out, you KNOW people are already speculating that they're an item. Even though they're probably just friends, we actually think they'd make an AWESOME couple. Don't believe us? We give you 10 reasons why below!

1. He's insanely good looking.


2. She's insanely good looking.


3. He's used to having his relationship in the spotlight.


4. And so is she.


5. He's part of a YA franchise with a dedicated fan base.


6. And what do you know…she is too!


7. They're both pals with Josh Hutcherson, so they already run in a similar circle of friends. (See? Josh and Nina goofing off!)


8. He's Australian…


9. …and she's Canadian, so they both know what it's like to be exports in the good ol' U. S. of A.


10. Aaaaand they're both awesome, so how could they NOT make a great couple?

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Would you ship these two if they dated? (Niam? Dobsworth?) Sound off in the comments section!

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