Liam Hemsworth Cast in ‘Aurora Rising’

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Being Gale Hawthorne (or at least pretending to be) must be hard work, considering he gets whipped and all. But that’s not holding Liam Hemsworth back whatsover because he just lined up yet another gig post-Catching Fire.

Along with Timeless and Arabian Nights, which are both currently listed as in pre-production, Miley Cyrus‘ fiance’s taken on another film after the sequel to The Hunger Games titled Aurora Rising.

According to Deadline, Liam “will play a Southern California surfer turned military fighter pilot who, after acing a complicated and messy first combat mission, gets recruited to be part of an elite team to test the next generation of aircraft. This happens just as an international conflict begins to escalate.”

But until the time comes where Liam will grace the big-screen in Catching Fire and all the other aforementioned titles, you can still see the hunky Aussie in theaters this summer opposite Lucas Till (who just so happens to be one of Miley’s exes) in Paranoia.

Beside Liam, the other cast members from the THG franchise are also hard at work. Currently, Jennifer Lawrence is suiting up for X-Men: Days of Future Past, Sam Claflin‘s filming opposite Lily Collins in Love, Rosie, and Josh Hutcherson‘s shooting Paradise Lost.

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