Why a YouTuber’s Filming Experience was Basically a Horror Movie IRL

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We already know that filming can be dangerous, but Lia Marie Johnson’s on-set experience was something we’ve never heard of before.

The 19-year-old actress and singer who got her start on YouTube stars in go90’s series t@gged, along with YouTubers Claudia Sulewski, JC Caylen and more. Lia plays Hailey, one of three girls who “gets tagged on an online video of a girl getting shot and basically [has] to figure out who it is while they’re also being stalked.” While the storyline is obviously intense, the filming process was equally as scary for the actors.

“It was so scary because we were filming in abandoned motels and insane asylums and old schools from like the ’20s,” Lia told us during a recent chat. “We filmed in an all-boys schools and it was wild. We would just be putting ourselves in the situation and be living what our characters are so it would be creepy, too.”

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Abandoned motels?! Insane asylums?! Most people would be like, “No thanks!” But while the blonde was obviously scared, so also had a TON of fun shooting the creepy scenes because she “[loves] stuff like that.”

But even though the idea of shooting the show was terrifying, thankfully nothing bad actually happened to the cast or crew.

“We were super safe on set; No one ever got hurt or badly injured and no ghosts or anything.”

Since wrapping t@gged, Lia pushed acting to the back burner and has “been working on strictly music” and wants to “hopefully release a single soon.”

“Hopefully [in] early 2017 my album will be out and if it’s not, that just means I’m still working to make it perfect,” she told us. “I’m just excited about life in general.”

Same, girl!


Although nobody got hurt while filming t@gged, these actors weren’t so lucky: