6 LGBTQ Stars Who Were Advised to Hide Their Sexuality

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It’s an incredible thing that each and every day more and more LGBTQ stars are coming forward as their authentic selves and opening up about their sexuality to the media, but more importantly, to their fans. Up until just a few years ago, many celebs didn’t feel comfortable revealing any details about their sexual preferences whatsoever, instead choosing to keep that info tightly under wraps. But now, in the age of social media, many celebrities are starting to see that the more they speak out, the more they can help other members of their community who share a similar experience!

It’s not hard to understand why many people would make the personal decision to keep their sexuality to themselves. In fact, LGBTQ stars keep it private for many different reasons! For some actors, it’s the fear that their performance as a straight character will not be believable. For LGBTQ musicians, it’s often the fear that their fan base will become disinterested. Ultimately, it’s not a one-size-fits-all issue, and just like regular people, celebrities must do what works for them.

Overall, the important thing is that no one ever feels alone, and by coming out with such pride in such a public way, celebs are actively encouraging others to be who they are and to love themselves. How awesome is that?! However, for many of these stars, coming out to the public proved to be a bit of a struggle at first… especially because, at one time, they were advised not to do so for the sake of their careers. Ultimately, these six stars came out anyway, and you guessed it — their fans still love them: