Meet Lexi St. George: The New Rebecca Black… Kinda. Sorta. Not at All. (Video)

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Well, it’s no “Friday” – but maybe that’s a good thing? 14-year-old Lexi St. George, who was discovered on Good Morning America, just put out her single, “Dancing to the Rhythm (With Me)” and guess who it was produced by… Ark Music Factory. Yes, the same label who produced such talents as Rebecca Black and Devin Fox. But will Lexi be the next Rebecca? Let’s discuss…

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Okay, so both singers are the same age. The music videos both start out a school. Both songs were produced by the same company… and they’re basically about partying. Still. We’re NOT convinced. Maybe if the gleeks cover LSG’s song, then we’ll believe it?! Check it out for yourself!

What do you think about Lexi? Is she the new Rebecca Black? Or do you think her music stands on its own? Reveal your opinions in the comments!