10 Things to Know About the Talented Let It Shine Cast!

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Who’s ready for a new Disney Channel Original Movie?! Us, us, us! And you guys should be, too. That’s what High School Musical (1, 2, and 3!) and Camp Rock were, hello! Let It Shine is a new original movie from Disney starring Coco Jones, Tyler James Williams, and Trevor Jackson. Don’t really know who they are? We’re here to fix that! But first? A little background on the flick. Let It Shine takes place in Atlanta, Georgia and centers around three friends — teen singing sensation Roxanne Andrews (Coco), aspiring musician Cyrus DeBarge (Tyler) and Kris McDuffy (Trevor). Cyrus has a major crush on Roxie, and writes her songs to tell her how she feels, but the songs get credited to someone else…his best friend! Trouble ensues.

But now? Onto the good stuff….

1. Coco Jones, who plays Roxanne in the movie, was a featured artist in season three of Radio Disney’s Next BIG Thing, which is where Allstar Weekend got their start.


2. Tyler James Williams, who plays Cyrus, started acting at the age of four when he was on Sesame Street. Aww!


3. Trevor Jackson (Kris in Let It Shine) played Young Simba from 2005-2008 in Disney’s Broadway National Tour of The Lion King! While on tour, Trevor lived in 22 different cities for six weeks at a time. Crazy!


4. Coco performed the National Anthem at two NFL games in 2009. Why? Because her dad is former professional football player, Mike Jones, and she has an absolutely amazing voice! Here’s a 9-year-old Coco belting the notes like a pro. We got chills.

5. In 2007 Tyler won the NAACP Image Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series for the Emmy winning series Everybody Hates Chris. Because he was only 14 at the time, he became the youngest person to ever receive that award. Go Tyler!

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6. Trevor is best known for his role as Kevin Blake in the TV series Eureka, an audition Trevor walked out of thinking the worst. Trevor told The Morton Report, “I had one audition and, honestly, when I walked out of the room I didn’t think I’d get it. However, a couple of weeks later I was at home with my parents in our living room and my Grandma walked in and told us, ‘I just bought a new vacuum cleaner and it says ‘Eureka’ on it.’ I said, ‘Oh, my God, that’s a sign.’ Not even an hour later I got a call telling me I got the job.” Thanks Grandma!


7. Coco’s real name is actually Courtney, but everyone knows her by her fun nickname.

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8. Tyler has two brothers Tylen Jacob Williams and Tyrel Jackson Williams and they all share similar names (if you couldn’t already tell). His brother Tyrel is also an actor! He plays Leo on Disney XD’s Lab Rats.


9. Trevor has his own YouTube channel where he posts videos of him singing covers and participating in the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira! Check out his sweet moves below:

10. Coco, Tyler, and Trevor performed together at the 43rd NAACP Image Awards Nominees’ Luncheon in February. They played two songs from their upcoming DCOM and were backed by an 18-member choir!

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Let It Shine premieres Friday, June 15th at 8pm on Disney Channel! Are you excited for a new musical DCOM? Think it’s going to be anything like Camp Rock or High School Musical? We wanna know your thoughts!

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