20 Lessons You Have to Learn Before You Turn 18

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As I’m sure you’ve heard from many bitter and cranky adults, life is full of hard lessons. Unfortunately, most of these hard lessons are ones that you don’t learn until you’re in the midst of them (I guess if that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t so hard). Just because that’s true, though, doesn’t mean you can’t prepare. There are some things you need to learn before you turn 18 years old (the mark of being an adult in this society), and even if you don’t believe me about them, you should still familiarize yourself with them. One day, you’ll look back, and think, “Wow, I’m so glad I read that article.” I mean, I hope you’ll do that, at least.

I can’t take all of the credit — this Ask Reddit thread on what adults think young people should learn sooner rather than later is what inspired this post. It made me personally think of all the things I heard in high school that I rolled my eyes at… and I now regret doing that. So, I’m trying to help you avoid that feeling. Here are 20 lessons you have to learn before you turn 18:

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