Two Months After Coming Out as Gay, YouTuber Says She’s in Love with a Man

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Color us confused. It was just over two months ago that Trisha Paytas came out as gay — “I always thought that I was bisexual, but now I’m realizing that I’m actually gay,” she explained — which is why we’re seriously scratching our heads right now. You see, while the 28-year-old JUST said she’s “not attracted sexually to [men],” she’s been posting a ton on social media about being in love with a guy.

The YouTube star first posted a Snapchat that read, “Lucky to have him in my life,” along with a rose, a heart and an engagement ring Emoji.


A little suspicious, yes, but eh — maybe she was talking about a really good friend or something! BUT WAIT! The YouTuber then started tweeting about being in love with a mystery man.

So…yeah. Here we are, very, very confused. Does this mean Trisha is NOT, in fact, a lesbian, and is perhaps bi or pan? Is she trolling us all with the sus tweets? We really don’t know at this point, but we feel pretty confident the blonde beauty will be sure to spill ALLLLLL the tea online eventually.

Trisha was just one YouTube star who came out as gay last year: