YouTube Sisters Found Out Their Series Was Canceled in the Worst Way

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You’ve probably heard the names Lennon and Maisy Stella before. Ever since they made their television debut and skyrocketed to YouTube fame in 2012, the singing sisters have been working nonstop. Known for portraying Maddie and Daphne Conrad on the hit show Nashville, the sisters also have a growing fanbase from their super-popular YT channel where the post unique covers of popular songs.

We sat down with duo and talked about everything from their favorite on-screen moments, what it was like to present Taylor Swift with the Pinnacle Award at the CMA Awards in 2013 and what they have planned for the future. The country-music-filled show, Nashville, is currently going into its fifth season, but that wasn’t the original fate for the beloved TV show.

“We were filming the end of season four, we didn’t find out that it got canceled until the rest of the world found out,” Lennon said. “We thought we were getting picked up, we talked to the show-runners and everyone was so sure that it was coming back. And then it didn’t, ABC canceled the show and it was so devastating.”

Not knowing your show was getting canceled until it was formally announced couldn’t have been easy, especially for 13-year-old Maisy who found out right before she was going to sleep-away camp.

“When I found out, I was about to leave for camp two weeks so I was in a very bad mood the first few days of camp.”

Thankfully, CMT and Hulu partnered together to save the show and bought the rights to the show to produce a season five with 22 episodes.

“The day my family picked me up from camp, they told me the show got picked up again and I literally just booty dropped and started freaking out,” she continued.

From the beginning, to the end, to a new beginning… It's been a ride we are grateful to be on! It's official!! You brought back Nashville!

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We’re so glad that we are going to be able to see more of our favorite characters and find out what happens to Maddie since she *spoiler alert* got emancipated from her family. The girls spilled about what it was like filming that emotional scene and how their characters have evolved from season one.

“One of my fave scenes is one that we recently shot,” Maisy said. “It was the last episode of season four and it was a hysterical scene and Daphne was Deacon Claybourne and in between takes they had to come in and blow dry my shirt because I was sobbing. It was such an emotional scene but it was still fun to shoot, it was also very easy to act because my best friend was leaving me.”

“I am just so excited to see what the show-runners and writers have planned for our characters,” spills Lennon. “When we first started the show, even the writers didn’t know how long our characters were going to be on. They just kept writing us in and we originally didn’t have a music component, but our characters grew a lot more than the writers thought they were going to, too. It just happened.”

We’re so thankful that CMT came to the rescue, and while the girls were on break for the show, they continued to work on their music. With more than 91 million total YouTube views, they have been hard at work creating original content.

“On the show we’re given songs to sing and there’s not much we do with it but with our own music we can choose whatever we want and be creative. We’ve been writing a lot and are putting out an album soon, of all originals.”

The girls are super busy, but when we asked what moment stands out for them the most over the past four years, their answer was quick.

“Presenting a CMT award to Taylor Swift three years ago was insane. She was so sweet and it was just a really cool thing because it was a surprise to her. It was still pretty early on in our career and she knew our names, it was surreal.”

That would most definitely top our list of amazing moments, too! With season five of Nashville begins August 8, their new PB Teen collection launching soon and an album hopefully happening in the near future, you’re going to want to keep an eye on these two!


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