From Our BFFS: Will You Watch a Lemonade Mouth Sequel?

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One of the Lemonade Mouth stars tweeted that they’re working on a sequel! Are you excited?! [M]

In not-so-surprising news, MTV has canceled its bad scandalous show, Skins. Will you miss it?! [JSYK]

You seriously will not guess who Mary-Kate Olsen is allegedly hooking up with. Ok, we’ll tell you. Kanye West. OMG. [Posh 24]

Remember those rumors that Matthew Morrison and Cameron Diaz were hooking up? Well, now they are. On-screen! [Wetpaint]

Nick Jonas is opening up about his role in Hairspray! And yes, ladies, he will be dancing. [Hollywire]

Selena Gomez said she wants to model her career after Justin Bieber‘s! JK. She said Shia Labeouf‘s. Same difference. [Just Jared Jr]

Britney Spears has kissed Madonna, and now she’s covering her. Uh, we meant covering her song. Yeah. That’s right. [PopDust]

This weekend, the biggest summer concert ever is going down.. Bonnaroo. Get deets on the super fun fest! [Seventeen]

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