Chat With the Stars of Lemonade Mouth!

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If you wanna chat with the cast of the Disney channel movie Lemonade Mouth, you totally can. The cast — Bridgit Mendler and friends — are going to be doing a live online chat answering fan qs, which we’re thinking will consist of “Are you totally sick of lemonade?” and “Do you feel really cool now that you have a bunch of music videos?” Whatever. Maybe those are just our personal questions for them…

So how can you chat with the cast?

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Make sure you’re by a computer TONIGHT at 7pm EST, log into the live chat right here and ask away! But if you’re stumped, you may want to catch up on all things Lemonade Mouth, like re-watch that amazing flash mob that Hayley did at the Apple store or check out the Teen.com interview with the cast. Ya know. So you don’t repeat the same questions or anything…

Oh, and BTW, the movie comes out on DVD on May 24, so, yeah, you might wanna get on that, too.

What would you ask the cast of Lemonade Mouth? What’s your fave song from the movie? Tell us in the comments!