Lemonade Mouth’s Bridgit Mendler Spills Her Beauty Secrets

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With tomorrow’s release of Lemonade Mouth on DVD, we thought it’d be fun to share some beauty tips from our fave cast member, Bridgit Mendler. We already know she has amazing skin, but what does she do to keep it so flawless? Well, lucky for us (and you!), Bridgit shared some of her best beauty secrets and we’ve got them right here!

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Beauty Tip #1, Drink Lots of Water: “When it comes to beauty, I think it’s really important to keep your skin clear by drinking lots of water and by eating a healthy balanced diet. I make sure I drink a couple of full size glasses every day. I think that’s really important to keep your pores clean!”

Beauty Tip #2, Wash Your Face Often: “Depending on who you are and your skin type, you need to either wash your face once a day or twice a day. Personally, I wash my face twice a day – but that’s because I wear a lot of makeup at work.”

Beauty Tip #3, Moisturize: “It’s important to stay moisturized, so I use a good moisturizer on my skin. I also make sure I wear sunscreen whenever I head out into the sun. Your skin is always going to be very happy with you if you wear sunscreen!”

Beauty Tip #4, Go Easy on the Makeup: “Go easy on the makeup. I wear makeup all the time at work, so I try to steer clear whenever I’m not working. If you want to wear makeup, then that’s cool – but don’t go overboard and make sure you wash it off before you go to bed. Don’t sleep in it!”

What do you think of Bridgit’s beauty tips? Have you used any of them before? Tell us in the comments!