Lele Pons Said She Cut and Donated Her Hair to Charity, But Fans Say She Lied

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UPDATE: A source who was in the salon with Lele confirmed that this speculation is totally false.

“The locks of hair shown in the Instagram photo were only a reference to how many inches she cut, as her real was being prepped to be donated,” the source told us.

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Lele Pons is known for a few things — being the most followed female creator on Vine, making a hilarious Instagram account, and having gorgeous LONG blonde hair. The 21-year-old’s lengthy locks are her signature style, but she recently decided it was time for a change and chopped off a HUGE amount of length.

But Lele didn’t just cut her strands for the fun of it — she donated them, too! She captioned a picture of herself and a friend posing with her old ponytail with, “DONATED MY HAIR!!!! First time I ever cut my hair. What do you think?”

AMAZING!! But wait…not so fast. A eagle-eyed fan zoomed in on the photo and noticed that the ponytail in question was actually made up of hair extensions, which can NOT be accepted as donations.

When the blonde day that this person saw through her alleged lies, she blocked the girl on Twitter and deleted the pic in question from her Instagram page.

The hashtag #LelePonsisOverParty quickly started swirling around and was filled with people expressing their disgust at her actions.

Could there be a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why Lele’s friend was holding a bundle of extensions that were supposed to be her donated hair? Sure. But it seems pretty darn likely that something fishy is going on here.

This isn’t the first time Lele Pons was involved in drama — the girl and her former BFF were just one pair of Internet stars who fought HARD in 2016: