Lele Pons Basically Confirms She’s Dating YouTuber with Public Kiss

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It’s the question that Lele Pons gets asked more than anything else — “Are you and Juanpa Zurita dating?!” The former Vine star addressed the rumors back in June 2016 by saying, “No, we’re not dating. Maybe in the future. We’re really close as friends. Sorry.” UGH. So that was that. The two YouTubers have remained besties since she shot down the dating stories a year ago, but it seems that “the future” might’ve finally arrived.

The comedians hosted the MTV Millennial Awards in Mexico City, Mexico, over the weekend and basically made all shippers’ dreams come true when they ended the night with a passionate on-stage kiss.

Award-show kisses happen quite often and rarely mean anything too serious. But when that’s the case, they are usually quick to deny any stories that come up and/or make jokes about the smooch. The 20-year-old, however, did neither of these things and instead posted a professional picture of the lip-lock with the caption, “About last night.”

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Sources told TooFab.com that the kiss was actually supposed to happen “behind a silhouette screen without revealing their identities, but the moment actually ended up happening in front of the live audience.”

We’re not sure if this means the whole thing was a mistake on the production team’s part, or if Lele and Juanpa decided to use the ~staged~ moment as a way to tell viewers they are, in fact, a couple. Fans are obviously leaning toward the latter option, but we guess only time will tell for sure!

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