The Drama Surrounding Lele Pons’ Haircut Was a TOTAL Misunderstanding

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If you aren’t aware of the drama that went down over Lele Pons‘ haircut, you probably haven’t been on the Internet in a while. To recap, the content creator recently cut a HUGE amount of hair in order to donate it to those in need and subsequently posted a picture of herself and a friend holding a ponytail of the locks in question. SO nice, right? The controversy started, however, when one fan noticed that it was actually extensions in Inanna Sarkis‘s hand.

The 21-year-old deleted the post in question, but the damage had already been done and people FREAKED the eff out. We can confirm exclusively, however, that this entire situation was one big misunderstand and, most importantly, the speculation that Lele lied is NOT TRUE at all.

A source who was in salon as Lele was getting her hair chopped told us that she was considering cutting her locks for a few months now and “always [had] the intention of donating her hair.” After the cut, she was thrilled to finally get the opportunity to make the donation so and posted the photo to share her excitement with her followers.

“The locks of hair shown in the Instagram photo were only a reference to how many inches she cut, as her real was being prepped to be donated,” the source clarified.

After she got the cut, however, the funny woman learned that she would NOT be able to use it for charity because “they do not accept hair that has been color treated” and she was therefore “not able to donate her hair.”

Understand now? The comedienne had every intention of donating her hair, so she basically used extensions as a prop to show everyone how much she cut off. Unfortunately, she later realized that it was not possible for the donation to occur, so she deleted the Instagram post. The source also told us that Lele is now exploring other ways she can work with similar charities to help those who suffer from hair loss.

You know what they say — you know what happens when you assume… Hopefully this clears the air and those who were sending the social media star hate realize they made a mistake and there was nothing malicious happening.

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