Leighton Meester Reveals to Vanity Fair Which of Her Co-Stars is a “Really Good Kisser” And It’s Not Ed Westwick

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Leighton Meester looks like a total bombshell in next month’s Vanity Fair, which isn’t an easy task since she’s posing next to Hollywood’s three cutest dudes (we’re talking about the dogs, duh).

Leighton dishes about her upcoming films, her hit TV show, and which costar is a “really good kisser.” Here’s a hint: it’s not Chuck Bass.

In Leighton’s upcoming indie film The Oranges, Hugh Laurie plays her love interest. Hugh Laurie is 27 years (!) older. This is what she had to say about going for an older guy on-screen, “They have a real connection and rapport. And Hugh’s a really good kisser.”

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