Leighton Meester Skipped Prom And Was Bullied In High School! Who Knew?!

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Blair Waldorf may have been crowned prom queen, but Leighton Meester was anything but. She spilled to Teen Vogue that she skipped prom because she wasn’t that into it — and because she didn’t have the money. The Gossip Girl star sure has come a long way!

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On mean girls: “Girls can be especially mean and pick on each other for things we can’t really help, like our looks, which is so silly… I remember in high school, people weren’t always nice to me—both boys and girls, especially the boys I liked. They would always be so mean to me!”

On bullying: “I think a really important thing to remember is that whatever side you’re on, you can never be a bystander. You should always speak up for someone who is being bullied.”

On prom: “I didn’t go to my real prom. Prom to me in real life was like, ‘Why would I go?’, and now looking back I think, ‘Why was I so anti-prom?’ Back then I didn’t have money to get a dress or a limo, or anything like that. I didn’t have a date – not that that matters. I guess I just wasn’t really into it, you know? Just like I wasn’t into Britney Spears then, and now I am!”

Kinda tough to imagine Gossip Girl‘s resident bully being bullied, right? Have you ever dealt with a similar issue to Leighton’s? Comment below!