Breaking: Leighton Meester Loves Drugstore Makeup! (But Blair Waldorf Doesn’t)

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It’s safe to assume that Blair Waldorf exclusively uses Chanel cosmetics (or something equally crazy-expensive), but Leighton Meester is no frills when it comes to makeup. She prefers drugstore brands over pricier products, and even has a thing for a quick 99 cent fix…

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Leighton spilled to StyleList, “Look, I’m a South Florida girl — if you need mascara, you go to Walgreens. One of the joys of my job is being able to try all different products, but if I can spend a lot less on something, I’d rather do that.” OMG, us too!

She added, “I’m currently loving those CoverGirl lip stains. The L’Oréal Naturale Mascara is great. And I always pick up cocoa butter. It’s 99 cents! I love it!”

In case you were curious, Leighton isn’t paid to say nice things about CoverGirl or Walgreens. (We checked.) She just really likes their stuff. And we really like her.