Say What?! Leighton Meester Is Inspired By Sex

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Leighton Meester has been making the press rounds lately promoting the heck out of Country Strong (which, ironically, was actually pretty weak at the box office, but we digress). And along the way, she did an interview where they asked her about the movie, her style, her passions. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Nope. Not until she said that one of her passions is, um, sex.

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Context, please? Read on to find out what Leighton had to say!

Leighton said:

“I like to be comfortable 90% of the time – and when it’s time to dress up, [I] go all-out. My inspiration is life. It comes from my family, my friends, traveling.

Ok, but let’s cut to the juicy part — what her passions are.

“Books, music… Love inspires me, and relationships, sex. You know? Food, fashion.”

Oh, to be a celeb. What are you inspired by?