10 Leaked Demi Lovato Songs That Should Have Been on an Album

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Demi Lovato is the definition of a strong woman. The 25-year-old has been completely open about her struggles with addiction, mental illness and an eating disorder, which is extremely brave considering the whole world has been watching her every move for a decade. Her decision to be forthcoming with her problems has helped fans from all different walks of life cope with their own issues and she serves as a source of inspiration for everyone.

Being an artist, the 25-year-old often expresses herself through songs. Back in June, she admitted that she had relapsed in her newest single, “Sober.” While it was a shock to most people, it isn’t the first time she’s been candid about tough times. In fact, most of her songs touch on a struggle of some sort; whether it be love, family, addiction or mental health, D.Lo’s songs have covered it all — including those that were never released officially. But of course, a lot of them were leaked onto YouTube for our listening pleasure, meaning that we can fully admit they deserved to be featured on an album.