O-M-Glee! Who’s Def Coming Back? Who’s Coming Out? So. Many. Spoilers.

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If you aren’t prepared for the biggest Glee spoilers we’ve heard yet, we’re warning you now: Do NOT read on! We were so excited to hear about Mercedes’ new boyf and the new mean girls. But this news is regarding basically everyone else! What’s gonna happen with Rachel? Who’s coming back for season 4? Is Santana ready to tell the world about her sexuality? All of the Qs are finally answered!

Get in on all the secrets now!

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According to Perez Hilton, Lea Michele‘s character will actually finish a whole musical (unlike the first season when she left for, like, a day). She dished:

“I know that [Rachel Berry’s] going to be in the school musical. I have some awesome story lines with Darren Criss, Chris Colfer and I’ll be singing a lot of Broadway, as always.”

As for Brittana, Naya Rivera revealed:

“We just got the first script and [Santana] might have made some adjustments to her life. She’ll probably end up coming to terms with everything by the end – hopefully.”

OK, so we didn’t really get a lot of info out of that one. But one last tidbit that we’re just too excited to contain? Jenna Ushkowitz is def coming back to the show season 4. Apparently, she was only a freshman when the show first started, which means more Tina Cohen-Chang for us!

We’re still waiting on news about Finn. And what happens to the best couple ever, Pizes?! How excited are you for the next season? Leave your thoughts in the comments!