Glee’s Lea Michele and Naya Rivera Eat From Food Cart in NYC. OMG, Us Too!

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We don’t really know if this is worthy of an entire blog post, but we have to point out two important things we learned today about Lea Michele and Naya Rivera eating from a food cart in New York City:

1. We didn’t think Lea and Naya actually ate. So major props, girls. 2. We thought that when those two and the rest of the Glee cast did eat, they consumed like, catered food that’s delivered on silver platters, so props again for eating off a gross ol’ food cart on the streets of NYC like we do daily. We feel a little better about ourselves now.

And it looks like Naya whipped out her wallet and paid for both the girls’ lunches. How cute. Because we bet Lea couldn’t afford a $5 sandwich on her monstrous Glee salary. Just sayin’.

Isn’t it good to know that the gorg Glee girls are just like us? No? Just us? Tell us in the comments!