Lea Michele Flubs Nick Jonas’ Name at the 2017 American Music Awards

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The first hour of the 2017 American Music Awards is over, and it was not without it’s memorable moments. For starters, a newly minted blonde Selena Gomez took the stage to perform her latest single, “Wolves.” (We’re fairly confident that she lip-synced the entire time, but considering the year she’s had, you still gotta give her props.)

But a few moments before that, her ex-boyfriend, Nick Jonas, also took the stage. And it was just a couple seconds prior to that that we experienced another memorable AMA moment.

About half hour into the ceremony, Lea Michele & Chris Hardwick came out to announce Nick as the next performer. The 25-year-old Disney Channel alum has a new single out, dubbed “Find You,” so the AMAs is the perfect platform for a performance. Unfortunately… the 31-year-old Glee actress, who was Nick’s co-star on Scream Queens, messed up his name!

What we’re thinking happened is that the teleprompter probably said her fellow presenter’s name, Chris (Hardwick), hence the flub. But Chris Jonas works for us, too. We could all use a little Bonus Jonas in our lives.

Listen for Chris’ mention here: