Lea Michele: “Canada Makes Some Great Dudes” — Like Cory Monteith, Duh!

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Oh, Canada. They really know how to make ’em. Ryan ReynoldsJustin BieberRyan Gosling… You get the point. But in Canadian fashion magazine, FLARELea Michele is all about a very specific CAN guy in her life: Cory Monteith. Read on to find out her best quotes on her Glee boyfriend, as well as what she says about her upcoming album and her “perfect companion” (besides Cory).

When questioned about her on-screen ex/off-screen love, Cory, Lea gushes, “Canada makes some great dudes, and he’s definitely one of them — just the nicest, sweetest guy in the world. And it’s really great that I’ve gotten to go to Victoria and Vancouver a lot — it’s so beautiful.”

As for that “perfect companion” we were referring to: “I found [my cat Sheila] on the Paramount lot with some other kittens, and I took her home and found the other cats homes as well. She’s the greatest cat in the whole world, so spunky and fun. It wouldn’t fair to have a dog, but she’s the perfect companion for me.”

So what’s going on with that solo album of hers? “It’s a long process. I’m really going to take my time with it and make sure that it gets lots of attention.”

For more of Lea’s interview, plus pretty pictures, visit FLARE.com or pick up the January 2013 issue of FLARE.

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