Just Sayin’: Lea Michele’s “New Year’s Eve” Character is Nothing like Rachel Berry

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We’re thinking Lea Michele is really happy about filming her very first movie, New Year’s Eve. One, she’s filming in New York City, her fave place. Two, she’s so smiley in these pics. And three? She tweeted about her very shoot with tons of exclamation points and giggles. Yup. We’re pretty sure that confirms it.

But what’s Lea’s role in the upcoming flick?

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Uh, we got nothin’. Literally, there’s no info whatsoever on Lea’s character except that her name is Elise. But from these pics, we’re going to assume that Elise is nothing like Rachel Berry because, for one, she’s got style. Um, can we have that French Connection jacket please?

What do you hope Lea’s character Elisa is like? Are you excited for “New Year’s Eve?” Tell us in the comments!