The Awards That Lea Michele and Emma Stone Should’ve Won At the Glamour Women Of the Year Awards

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Two of our faves EVER attended Glamour mag’s Women of the Year Awards in NYC last night — Emma Stone and Lea Michele. And while Lea won the award for The Diva Next Door, Emma walked away empty handed. Weird, right? But we just made up a few Glamour awards of our own that we think would be just perfect for the former Glamour cover girls. Here are some of our suggestions below:

DISCLAIMER: We love Lea and are just having a little fun. Now, continue…

Emma Stone:
Luckiest Actress Because She Gets to Kiss Ryan Gosling On Screen and Andrew Garfield IRL Award
Funniest Red Head Since Lucille Ball and, Well, Ever
Most Likely to Be Our BFF IRL (We Wish)
Most Versatile Actress of 2011 (and 2012, and 2013…)

Lea Michele:
Best Diva Pose on the Red Carpet
Best Diva in General
Most Convincing That She’s Not Really a Bitch IRL When It’s So Obvious That She Is Award
Biggest Voice Coming From a Super Small (Almost Emaciated) Body

What’d you think of the awards we’d give Emma and Lea? What awards do you think they deserve? And also, who do you think looked better at the event? Check out the photos below, and make sure to leave your award choices in the comments!