O-M-Glee! Finchel Goes to Times Square, NYC! But Why?!

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Hey, NYC-ers, whatcha doing now? Well, you’re probs in school, but if you weren’t, we’d tell you to run over to Times Square in Manhattan rightthissecond to catch a glimpse of Cory Monteith and Lea Michele filming Glee. They’d be really easy to spot in the sea of tourists because they’re obvs the ones surrounding by paparazzi and because, well, Lea’s wearing the technicolor dreamcoat.

But anyway, Cory and Lea are filming part of the finale episode from this season. But why are they in NYC, you ask?!

Because this year’s nationals take place in NYC! But unfortch we don’t have more deets or spoilers on the specifics of the episode. So that’s why we have some of our own predictions:

1. Rachel gets kicked out of New Directions for being too much better than everyone else, so instead she sets her sights on Broadway. And makes it!
2. Rachel and Finn go on a much-needed vacay away from the rest of the glee club. And while they’re there, they rekindle their romance…
3. Rachel and Finn are preparing for regionals, which are being held in NYC, so they go before the rest of the gleeks to check it out.

Obvs we’re probably wrong on all three accounts, but come on, wouldn’t any of those 3 storylines totally work? Ryan Murphy, get on that!

What do you think Finchel is doing in NYC? We wanna know in the comments!

Oh, and ps, if you can’t make it to Times Square, check out what Lea and Cory are doing live right here!