How Laurie Hernandez Improves Her Performance & Supports Her Teammates

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It’s already been two years since Laurie Hernandez absolutely slayed at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, taking home both gold and silver medals in gymnastics. But, despite all of her success, she’s still training vigorously to be even better than she was before. In just two years, Laurie will compete again at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and of course, she can’t wait to reunite with her winning team once again.

“I would love to see the girls again soon. I miss them so much, so that would be great!” The girls she’s referring to have since become known as “The Final Five,” which is made up of other fierce female U.S. gymnasts: Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, Madison Kocian, and Aly Raisman. In the time that she’s spent training and competing with those girls, she’s learned a lot about the importance of teamwork, while also building a tight sisterhood jam-packed with girl power.

“Learning about teamwork at the Olympics was something else,” she said. “Everybody has to give their all for us to make it to the top and if one person doesn’t do their job lots of things can change.” Despite the pressure that’s inevitable at the Olympics, Laurie made it clear that they still hype each other up and, most importantly, have each other’s backs through both the good and the bad.

“I think we all realize how stressful the environment was at the Olympics and we made sure that we were cheering on for each other and we were saying, ‘Hey! Come on! You can do it! We’re rooting for you,’ and we were really spreading a lot of positivity while we were out there.” But it’s not just at the Olympics that these girls show their support for one another… it’s IRL, too!

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Recently, the USA Gymnastics national team made headlines again, but this time, it wasn’t for the athletes’ impressive stunts on the balance beam, vault or bars, but because of a dark scandal that hit very close to home. Over the course of the last year, Larry Nassar, the doctor for the USA national team, was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for a variety of sex crimes, including child porn and sexual assault. Some brave members of the team even took the stand and testified against him, but if something positive came out of it, it’s that the girls really rallied together to show their support for the victims, who also happen to be their teammates.

“I absolutely support these girls 100% for coming out and being brave and sharing their stories and allowing others to realize, ‘Hey, it’s okay for me to come forward, too’,” Laurie said. “We are making sure we’re supporting these women for coming forward, but it’s also looking forward and seeing what positive changes we can make so this doesn’t happen again.”

Speaking of positive changes, it seems that Laurie is all about positivity these days and projecting that energy towards making her 2020 Olympic comeback. So, what tricks does she have up her sleeve that she’s planning on bringing with her to Tokyo? Of course, she’s not going to let us in on all of her secrets just yet, but one of her tricks is as simple as finding the right pair of contact lenses!

“At 12 years old, my mom brought me to the optometrist to get my annual checkup and that was when we realized that my vision went downhill a little bit.” Considering she’s a gymnast, it’s of utmost importance that she can see clearly, which is why she turned to Alcon DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses. Instantly, her performance improved.

“The first day that I used them I caught my first release move as a gymnast, which is when you let go and you catch the same bar, so that was fun. I definitely recommend them and they were so simple and so easy to use. I personally feel like my performance would be hindered without these contact lenses.”

Well, there you have it, folks! As for what else Laurie has planned for the 2020 Olympics, it seems like you’re just going to have to wait to find out. In the meantime, however, you can find more info on the Alcon DAILIES® at dailies.com.