Lauren Jauregui PRAISED for Doing the Same “Disloyal” Act as Camila

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Harmonizers have been throwing TONS of shade Camila Cabello‘s way ever since she mentioned a potential Fifth Harmony breakup down the road. Thankfully, the girls set the record straight, and it seemed like us Harmonizers could all take a deep breath of relief. Then, Camila did the most “disloyal” thing that any band member could every do; secretly record a solo tune (and that’s in addition to “I Know What You Did Last Summer“). But in a shocking turn of events, another 5H girl seems to be dabbling in a solo career, too.

Lauren Jauregui shared some of her potential solo work, and even openly discussed her “future sounds” with her Twitter fans.

According to a reply to a fan, the dark-haired pop star has even been going at it for quite some time now.

Sure, the 19 year old could very well be working on tunes for the group, but 5H fans are seemingly EXTREMELY happy about the prospect of Lauren recording solo music.

We’re really happy for all the support going Lauren’s way, but considering how Camila was pretty much attacked for doing the same exact thing, we’re super confused. With that said, Lauren and Camila aren’t the first members of a band to release solo music, and we’re sure they won’t be the last.

WDYT of the newest Fifth Harmony member to speak of a solo career?

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