Lauren Jauregui Poses (Kinda) Naked in Stunning Playboy Magazine Photoshoot

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We know we said Lauren Jauregui‘s first post-5H move would be to join Halsey on the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour, but it turns out she had another secret project under her belt — a Playboy magazine photoshoot!

The 21-year-old singer took some stunning pictures for the sometimes-risqué magazine, including one in which she posed completely naked and was only covered by an oversized denim jacket.

As you could probably guess, fans are absolutely LOSING THEIR DANG MINDS at the moment.

The “All Night” crooner’s sexy pics are perhaps her way of symbolizing that she’s breaking free from the past box she was in when Fifth Harmony was at its height and wants to start new as a solo artist.

“Right now, I’m just exploring myself and getting in touch with myself creatively,” she tells the mag. “To be real, I don’t want to give myself boundaries.”

The brunette isn’t sure what kind of sound her first EP will have, but admits that she’s inspired by all kinds of genres, including electronica, pop, rock, alt-rock and Latin.

She says of her solo music, “It’s definitely different than my work with Fifth Harmony. It’s me.”

Lauren loves performing, obviously, but ultimately is the most excited about using her voice to make a change in the world and encouraging her fans to do the same.

“It’s so crazy how little people know about what they can do, about their rights, what they’re putting into their bodies and everything that’s going on globally,” she explains. “I believe that art is the core of what starts revolutions.”

There’s legit nothing we don’t love about her entire Playboy spread.